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Kym Chartrand

Kym’s passion for styling and hair care began early in life. An artist by nature, she mastered a variety of hair coloring and styling techniques early in her career and was quickly accepted as a stylist at Carlton Hair International in Beverly Hills and Westwood. Kym later became an educator at Carlton, where she enjoyed helping new stylists lay the foundations for their own careers, including creating classic, Vidal Sassoon-inspired looks. She currently runs a Master Apprentice Program, training the next generation of high-end stylists and hair care experts.

After falling in love with curls early in her 25-year career, Kym became renowned for her permanent waves and spiral perms. Never intimidated by long, thick or unruly curls, she loves to nurse damaged hair back to health and vitality. As a vital member of the artistic and product knowledge teams at Carlton, Kym uses only products that will improve the health of her clients’ hair. She understands that many women are unhappy with their naturally curly hair, and that many stylists take liberties that their clients may not be prepared for. Kym is dedicated to working with you to create and maintain a style that makes you feel confident and gorgeous both in the salon and at home and gives you more happy time in front of the mirror.