December 22, 2011

How To Winterize Your Hair


In the winter your hair can become extra dry due to the elements. Your hair might become limp, dry and full of static or frizziness. Basically, the winter is not a wonderland for your curls. So how exactly do you handle your curls in the winter you may ask?  Well, it really goes back to the foundation and one of the most important aspects of the curl…are your curls hydrated?


Even though it may seem like colder climates would be better for your hair, cold and wind actually dry your hair out. One way to combat this is to hydrate your curls from the moment you step into the shower. Try using warm water, instead of sticking to hot showers. Then proceed to keep your hair hydrated with ArcAnGel when you step out of your warm shower.  One thing we cannot stress more at Salon of Curls is to try not to go outside with your hair wet. Going outside with wet hair can cause frizziness just based on your hair’s exposure to the elements, especially in the winter.


Use these great curly girl tips for when you are confused on how to keep your hair fresh and frizz free in the winter months. You will be the life of any holiday party with gorgeous frizz free winter curls.

December 14, 2011

How to Deal with a Bad Hair Day


Some days you just wake up with a bad hair day. Whether you woke up with tangled curls or you went to bed with a head full of wet hair, sometimes things just don’t look right in the morning. So how exactly do you fix a messy head of hair?

Well, my first suggestion would be to hop in the shower and use a little extra conditioner. Of course starting from scratch with a clean head of hair is the best way to eliminate a bad hair day. Before you get out of the shower (with your hair still soaking wet) you should squeeze Arc AnGel or AnGel into your curls. DO NOT run your fingers through your hair. Just squeeze to distribute the gel and allow the curls to cling to each other. This is what we call ‘the curl family’ and at this point you DON’T want to separate them.

Now we understand that on some bad hair days, you may not have enough time to jump into the shower and fix the problem. This is where the magic of the gel you put in the day before works! Just mist your hair. We love Mister Right!! But even gently adding water gently to your curls will re-awaken the gel and your curls will spring back to the original shape you had it the day before. If it still doesn’t look right, you can clip it up and back with butterfly clips or do the classic bad hair day move and hide it with a hat. At Salon of Curls we try to encourage our curlies to stay away from putting their hair up in a ponytail, as that causes pulling and hair damage, so try to set your curls properly the day you wash with no poo or One conditioner then your curls can be worn for more than just one day. Angel and Arc angel are water soluble so adding moisture will be a great way to a happy curly day. You will be amazed how little moister it takes to bring your curls back to their beautiful bounce and body!

Having a bad hair day is frustrating, but every curly girl goes through it once in a while. Just remember that a quick shower and a little extra gel can turn your bad hair day, into a perfect hair day. Embrace those curls by keeping them frizz free.